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Updated: Feb 15

While we cannot physically be there for our seniors, enrolling them in a Cards for Grandma may be the next best thing. In a world devoid of in person visits, group activities, and physical connection, receiving cards is a safe alternative that helps fill the newly created Covid void.

The cards are a timeless solution that bring back nostalgic feelings while offering something to look forward to and repeatedly enjoy. Through the cards, your loved one can reap many of the benefits of social connection such as improved mood, increased immune response, and longer life expectancy while still adhering to guidelines such as social distancing and quarantining.

In the current environment, we must do everything we can to keep seniors physically safe while not letting their emotional health fall to the wayside. While we want to keep them isolated for their own safety, we must take measures to ensure that they are staying socially and emotionally stimulated, solidifying their long-term longevity and health.

Each subscription gives you the power to make them happier and healthier, better preparing them to weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side.

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