for Grandma

Unable to personally visit, keeping in touch with my grandma became another pandemic related hurdle.


She was struggling to cope with being separated from family and friends while her dementia made grasping the scope of the pandemic increasingly difficult. Instead of being bubbly and upbeat, she started to become depressed and anxious, leaving me seemingly powerless as to how I could help.


After weighing my options, I turned to an old fashioned remedy to fill the void. I began sending her cards and letters featuring beautiful artwork and illustrations, along with notes detailing everything from familial events to fictional stories.


They gave her something tangible to hold on to, look at, and reread; a physical connection that kept us bonded even while apart.


Through research, I also learned about the health benefits the cards could bring. Ailments such as heart disease and stroke are greatly exacerbated when coupled with social isolation, so my mailings became a way of not only raising her spirits but keeping her healthier as well.


The impact the cards made was readily apparent, a transformation that was noticed not only by my family and I, but by her care team as well. They attributed the positive change to "all the darn cards", an assurance that I was on the right path.

I began to include other residents living at her assisted living facility, who appreciated and benefited from the cards as much as she did.


After my own experience, I set out to do the same for others, helping seniors become happier and healthier one card at a time.


Cards for Grandma now sends cards to seniors across the country, sharing smiles and creating connections, and it all started with one.